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Cristian Magalhães
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Amazon Web Services Basics: What is EC2

Hi everybody, in the last weeks I've been learning more about EC2 service, and I'm here to tell a little bit about this service to you.

What's the meaning of EC2?

Well, starting with the basics, the meaning of EC2 is Elastic Compute Cloud.

What can I do using EC2?

EC2 is a simple and a powerful service, you can create machines to host your site or server for your company.

When you create a machine on EC2 you can choose the CPU, RAM, HD and the OS.

In the EC2 you have the following options of SO:

  • Windows
  • Linux (lot of different distros)
  • macOS (yes, you can create a macOS machine)

You can use these machines to host an application, you can access a S3 bucket from an EC2 instance, with one of those machines only your imagination and your credit card are the limit.

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Keep going, Cristian!

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Cristian Magalhães

Thank you!