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Amazon S3 Basics: What You Need to Know

I recently started studying Amazon Web Services, beginning with S3, and I want to share more about this amazing service with you.

Understanding the Meaning of S3

The meaning of S3 is Simple Storage Service or Amazon Simple Storage Service (and in truth, it's really too simple to use).

What Is S3?

S3 is a service designed for storing your digital objects. But what do we mean by 'objects' when talking about S3? According to AWS documentation, 'objects' refer to everything you upload to your S3 bucket. This includes images, documents, or any other content you wish to store.

How many things can I do using S3?

S3 is not just for saving and downloading files. There is a wide range of tasks you can accomplish with S3:

  • Upload objects
  • Implement version control for objects
  • Store backups and logs
  • Host websites with only static files


When explaining S3 to a non-developer, I would describe Amazon S3 as an 'online folder' for storing your files and logs, as well as hosting websites.

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