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Discussion on: Is going for Devise for user authentication a good choice for a first Rails app or should I write it from scratch?

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cristiano Author

Hey Robert! It would be helpful to know why it would be recommended to write my own first before installing Devise.

I do understand it might be because then I'll know how to go about it. I imagine it would be something along the lines of creating a User model with validations and a few methods to scope the views to the ones logged in users are authorized to access, and create/destroy user sessions?

On the other hand if that's the goal, I guess it doesn't mean that I'll know how Devise works behind the scenes no why not installing it from the start and read the source and documentation if I get stuck?

Maybe I'm overthinking this really. 😂

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I don't see a specific learning goal, so, to come back to your post title: Devise is a 'good' choice. Unless you want to learn more about authentication in the first rails app.