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[DELETE] - The solution!

Cristian Cezar Moisés
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The solution to most of today's problems is just a click away. Several articles and some even scientific ones have already been published, and in them it is possible to see the considerable changes that the deactivation and/or exclusion of facebook and other social networks cause in the users' lives. Both Facebook and Instagram help to propagate lifestyles that little correspond to the vast majority, in addition to promoting such "perfection", bombard us with ads at every moment, it's impossible to stay there for a minute without seeing an ad. Social networks started to become commercial, great spaces for publications and sales; the focus is increasingly scarce, anxiety seems to take over this new generation and cases are only increasing amidst the isolation that covid19 provides us. A reflection is necessary, what is the future we looking for a generation of thinkers or buyers? Think. Reflects. Act. Now.

Links to some publications:

Discussion (2)

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Ben Sinclair

I haven't followed those links because they're through LinkedIn, which is exactly the sort of place you seem to be advising us not to go.

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Thomas Bnt

Hmmm but why create a post about Facebook and Instagram and you redirect to 3 links on Linkedin? 🤔