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Spooky Dev Stories

Hello developer pal!, glad to see you here.

What about sharing one spooky story from your life as dev?, me first!

When I started to work, it was as a Jr BE dev, using C# and Visual Source Safe, there was this delivery we needed to accomplish in one week, so I started coding on Monday, Tuesday, I made a couple initial commits, the CI/CD we had that time took the changes, created an artifact minimized and optimized, deployed it to QA and that was all, everything was running smoothly.

Next 3 days, I was so focused in my work that I completely forgot to commit, 3 days in a row without committing, on Friday afternoon, I finally did, and guess what?, the panic.

Something happened that I lost all my changes, I tried to recover it in any possible way, unsuccessfully. After spending a couple hours, I went to my boss, sure that I was gonna get fired, explained the whole situation, and instead of asking me for a card box, he sat at my desk, helped me to track down the latest deploy(from 3 days ago), disassembled some minimized files(function names as i, return values as x, etc), stand up from my desk and just said Good luck during the weekend, then left.

After spending the whole weekend decoding and remembering what a function with signature (a,b,c) with a return z could be, and not sleeping at all, I was able to deliver by Monday.

Moral: always commit!

Thanks for reading!

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