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Discussion on: Introduction to AWS Lambda

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Cristian Popescu


Great pointers, I always trust an opinion of someone using a technology, rather than of the ones building the technology.

In my case using AWS Lambda was not a big hassle since I was able to generate a small maven project with the use of sam-cli and go from there. I found that really useful since I did not work with AWS Lambda before. This can be considered in my opinion an advantage, and that is the tooling provided with the use of sam-cli and aws-cli together.

I was able to run everything locally and run the lambda with the cli tool.

One issue to note was the lack of ability to startup the dynamodb instance without starting up a docker image or starting it up manually.

That was actually the first time working with AWS Lambdas, hope I will get the chance again and bring more arguments.

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Sagar Author • Edited on

Hi Cristian, If we use serverless framework it will reduce headache of deploying code to cloud