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Discussion on: Using trello to prioritise my time

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Cristian Popescu

Thank you for the pointers, will definitely try out the Eisenhower matrix.

I have tried to organise stuff in my professional life and personal, but couldn't really keep a tight schedule.
Being a software developer sometimes kind of goes over board and pass deadlines. Sometimes, things just don't work as fast or as flawless as you planned, or worse, they don't work at all 🤔.

In the past, I tried multiple task trackers to be able to check things off lists.

For example, right now I'm using Google's Tasks, which is nice, it now integrates with Gmail and it is easy to use. You can set deadlines per task and do secondary tasks lists. The only flaw I see there is that you cannot see a nice view of completed tasks, to feel accomplished.

Trello, as you say, is quite a spectacular tool, also free. I love that it integrates with Bitbucket so you can use it as a task manager for your project with a direct link to your code. Also great mobile app and very useful. The fact that you can add anything on a task is beautiful and helpful:

  • files
  • task lists
  • comments

Good luck with learning java and keep up the good work.