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Keeping a diary on the Internet

This is my first post to DEV.

Who are you?

I am a fifteen-year-old boy in Japan loves computer programming.
I've made some apps before (you can find it at here).
And I created a new web application to keep a diary on the Internet once again.

CGP Diary

This application is available here.
You can find the repository on GitHub, here.

This small web application is very convenient to keep a diary ON THE INTERNET.
And this stores the data on your PC only (browser's localStorage), so you can write anything that you want to write with security...

Keeping a diary is VERY IMPORTANT and meaningful action.
The memory on your brain changes by the second. The hings which your brain judges unnecessary will disappears after few seconds all too soon.
So people have written down.

Local vs Online

What do you think about keeping a diary on the Internet?
To be honest, I prefer to keep it in the real world personally.
Let's discuss pros and cons of the two ways to keep a diary.
I wrote the pros only because cons of one way is always pros of the other way.

Pros of writing the date on the Internet

One of the most biggest pros is its convenience.
Nowadays, many people wear a device can connect the Internet next their skin.
So, they can write it at ease whenever they want to do it.
And the imformation on the Internet never dies theoretically. As long as the data is stored on a server, you (anyone if you want) can read the diary forever.
Furthermore, it's easy to look back over the past by reading the diary.
Things in the real world rots anon and you may forget the places stored the stacked diaries.

Pros of writing the date in the real world

As I wrote above, the way uses the Internet is convenient because people can write a diary whenever they wanna do.
However, for those don't have portable devices or if you want to write a diary whenever in a true sense, this way is more suitable.
And the things in the real world have unlimitted imformation.
Shape of the letter, sort of the paper or the ink, and so on.
It is very fun to examine those metadatas when you read the diary and look back over the past.


Anyway, I recommend keeping a diary in either way.
And, if you decided to store it on the Internet, you must use this application :)

Thank you.

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nodefiend profile image

Nice dude ! you are doing awesome , thanks for creating work and putting it out there . I have been building apps professionally for 3 years now, and when i started I was 10 years old i was just like you - building things! never stop building ! always be creating!

creativegp1 profile image
CreativeGP Author

Thank you for replying.
We are similar!
Yes, I'm going to continue creating and thinking.
Now I'm creating a SNS and a twitter client and a license-free translator for Japanese and English.

patrickcole profile image
Patrick Cole

Thanks for sharing your observations and findings. Love your passion in pursuing your career! Keep it going and always remember you can reach out to us developers! We love hearing what you are working on as it might inspire us as well :)

creativegp1 profile image
CreativeGP Author

Thank you.

cat profile image

ダイアリーを書くにはいいです。Twitter に書きます。おつかれさまです!

creativegp1 profile image
CreativeGP Author

Thank you for replying. And I was surprised that it is written in Japanese!
In Japanese 'いいです' has two meaning, "it's good" and "it's unnecessary for me".
I can't find which meaning you wanted to say, so I'll make a little conditional branch here;

"good" | Thank you :)
"unnecessary" | I considered its duplication of functions with some SNS like twitter, but I think the advantage of this app is its confidentiality. I might have had to discuss pros and cons of keeping a diary in private, mightn't I? 😁

cat profile image
Cat • Edited on

My apologies! I meant "good" as in, "keeping a diary is a good thing!"
I'm trying to brush up on writing in Japanese.


As for your conditional branch: CreativeGPさんはてんさいです!

I keep a private, locked twitter for quick thoughts, but I really like your app idea! Taking a look at it through GitHub right now. Thank you for sharing!

I'll keep working on my Japanese, too. ^ _ ^ ;