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Nested FormArrays in Angular ReactiveForms

Feb 7, 2019

Angular Reactive Forms with lots of Nesting

I looked everywhere for a solution I could just copy and paste into my project but with no luck, so here's my attempt at providing it for the next poor soul stuck in my situation. I've tried to keep the code as simple as possible.

You have a league

        name: "",
        founder: ""

A league has teams

this.leagueForm ={
        name: "",
        founder: ""
      teams: this.fb.array([this.teams])

Teams have names and players

get teams(): FormGroup {
      team_name: "",
      players: this.fb.array([this.players])

Players have names and numbers

get players(): FormGroup {
      player_name: "",
      player_number: ""

You have a FormGroup

<form [formGroup]="leagueForm">

Show League Detail

<div class="form-header" formGroupName="league_details">
    <label>League Name <input formControlName="name"/></label>
    <label>Founder <input formControlName="founder"/></label>

Show Teams

It's VITAL you have a wrapping div that defines formArrayName!

<div formArrayName="teams">
    <div class="teams" *ngFor="let team of leagueForm.get('teams').controls;
             let teamIndex = index" [formGroupName]="teamIndex">
      <label>Team Name <input formControlName="team_name"/></label>
      <!--  div with formArrayName='players' goes here (see below) -->

Show Players inside Teams

Again, important you have a wrapping div with formArrayName. Also, you need to add players in context of the team. Notice in ngFor i am referencing the team variable
defined in the ngFor loop above for teams. I will also need to reference this team when removing or adding players.

Also notice the <span> element, this is how you reference the field for validation functionality.

<div formArrayName="players">
    <div class="players" *ngFor="let player of team.get('players').controls;
        let playerIndex=index" [formGroupName]="playerIndex">
        <label>Player Name <input formControlName="player_name" />
        <label>Player Number <input formControlName="player_number"/></label>
        <span *ngIf="player.get('player_number').touched">touched!</span>

Adding Teams

Place ADD button just above the div that defines the formArrayArrayName teams

 <button type="button" (click)="addTeam()">Add Team</button>
addTeam() {
    (this.leagueForm.get("teams") as FormArray).push(this.teams);

Adding Players

Place ADD button just above the div that defines the formArrayName players, and remember to pass in the team variable from the enclosing ngFor loop.

<button type="button" (click)="addPlayer(team)">Add Player</button>
addPlayer(team) {

See project here on github:

Discussion (12)

danww profile image
Daniel Willis

Thanks, this example is great - exactly what I needed.
One small thing I discovered was that the template didn't like iterating over the controls.

I had to change this:

let player of team.get('players').controls

to this:

let player of team.get('players')['controls']

sym313 profile image
Sym313 • Edited on

Sadly doing all this, the .value of my form shows that player_name and player_number are not getting the data from the inputs. I had this problem with other examples. And I came here wishing to solve this issue. Any idea?

EDIT: If I copy your example without any more, works perfectly. I'll examine again my code.

nawafalsuwailem profile image

great walkthrough. In my case, I have a command form with a list of commands (e.g., subcommands). Each subcommand can have multiple subcommands,..., etc. Essentially, all commands use the same form but each need to keep track/be aware of their parent and children. I tried different solutions but I couldn't solve it. Any thoughts? thanks

charlesschneider profile image
Charles Schneider

The BEST example I have found in a long time searching! Thank you so much!

thejuju profile image
Julien Gabriel

I do agree, thanks a lot for this example.

sanukhandev profile image
Sanu Khan

i m not sure whats causing it i m getting this error while running i just modified the same for my code but following the same idea

No value accessor for form control with path: 'team-> 0 -> player-> 0'

bilimkon profile image

Thank you

berik091 profile image

Thanks! Good Example

gadreash profile image
gadreash • Edited on

Thanks, good post!
Like others mentioned, didn't find many examples elsewhere, your code is pretty self explanatory

duck5 profile image

Any tips on showing/adding existing data to the nest form?

diegoflores profile image

Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for sharing!

johnfewell profile image
John Fewell