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re: Great post, thanks for sharing. 👏 I'd like to add that JavaScript used to be a Lisp dialect, so has its roots in FP. Only "recently" do we see a...

JavaScript actually does have a bit of a connection to Java. See this article for more detail, but I'll try to summarize it.

Netscape thought that bringing Java to the web was a great idea and they were working with Sun Microsystems to make this happen. The purpose of JavaScript was to be a scripting language that was easy to use (for amateurs, as opposed to the more enterprise-y Java). JavaScript was originally supposed to be Scheme-like, but the partnership with Java forced it to become more Java-like.

It wasn't called JavaScript at first. It started as Mocha (to connect it thematically to Java), but then became LiveScript (to avoid any legal issues before Netscape sealed the deal with Sun). It was renamed to JavaScript after the deal closed, because it was supposed to work very closely with Java (see LiveConnect)

Of course, being a Scheme language with the requirement that it looks like Java was a surefire way to confuse anyone who first looked at the language.


Thank you very much for the insight. That is entirely news to me. It is interesting how much political/legal energy is put into what is otherwise technical decision making. 👍

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