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Takuya Matsuyama
Takuya Matsuyama

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A tip to declutter unused cables with a tape writer and pouches

I have a lot of unused cables put away in a drawer. Those are USB type-C cables, micro usb cables, lightning cables, thunderbolt cables, LAN cables, audio cables, etc.
I can no longer remember which type of cables I have. When I need a USB type-C to A cable but I have no idea where it is.
So I decided to organize them so that I can quickly use them.


These are not all the cables I have but they would be the ones that I will more likely use than others.
First off, I categorized them into groups based on types:


I've got some mesh pouches that I bought at a 100-yen store (a Dollar store in Japan):



And here is a tape writer:


Are you getting it? I'm going to put my cables into these pouches and to label them.
You can make labels like so:


I made labels for each cable type:


And put them on top of the pouches:


Pretty neat! Now, you can quickly find cables.


By putting the labels on top of the pouches, you can quickly find and access when they are in a drawer:


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Ste Griffiths

Very beautiful organisation and photographs 👍