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Interview with Colin Lienard, Founder of GitLight

Welcome to the 2nd episode of our series “Building with Tauri”, where we chat with developers who build amazing projects and products using Tauri.

In the second episode, Eleftheria discusses with Colin, founder of GitLight:

  • How he started
  • What is GitLight
  • What inspired him
  • Challenges and the DevTools
  • Plans and goals for the future

In the following video, Colin shows us GitLight, a desktop app that allows you to manage notifications on GitHub or GitLab.

Find Out More 🔗

  • Learn more about GitLight here.

  • Learn more about Colin on his website.

  • We also discussed DevTools. Gain insight into your Tauri apps for free!

Have you built something cool with Tauri? Ping Eleftheria (username: eleftheria_b) on Discord to schedule your interview! This is your chance to demonstrate your product to a community of thousands of developers. 😏

Author: @eleftheriabatsou, Community Manager at @crabnebuladev

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