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Announcing Limitless Free Trial for CrabNebula Cloud

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our limitless free trial for CrabNebula Cloud, our premier platform designed to revolutionize software distribution. This trial offers zero restrictions for a limited time, allowing you to explore, load test, and use the system to your heart’s content.

After the trial period, certain restrictions will be introduced for the free trial, with enhanced functionality at a competitive price. For now though, we encourage you to push the boundaries and see what CrabNebula Cloud can do for you.

Our Limited Time Offer

Users are now able to experience CrabNebula Cloud without any limitations for free. During the trial period, users can can:

  • Distribute any number of applications and updates at any volume: Whether it’s one application or a hundred, you can distribute your software without any restrictions. This also applies to updates and their frequency. Using the CrabNebula Cloud GitHub Action, developers can push every commit to main as an update automatically and without any restrictions.

  • Store any amount of data without limits: While Tauri applications are typically small, you can store any amount of data on our Cloud without any restrictions for this limited time period. This includes application binaries, updates, and any other files you may need to distribute.

After Unlimited

After the unlimited trial period, which is expected to last approximately one month, the following quotas will be in place depending on usage. These are exclusive to only the free tier, with the paid tiers offering more generous quotas at competitive pricing.

The free trial quotas will include:

  • Max 1K downloads: The number of downloads will be capped at 1,000 per application.

  • Max 500MB storage: Storage will be limited to 500MB for the free trial.

  • Expires after 1 month: The trial will expire after one month, and you will need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using CrabNebula Cloud.

These quotas are designed to provide a generous free tier while ensuring that the platform remains sustainable and scalable. We believe that these quotas will provide a fair balance between the needs of our users and the needs of the platform.

And—they don’t exist yet. For now, we encourage you to take advantage of the limitless free trial and experience the full power of CrabNebula Cloud.

Get Started Today

To take advantage of this exclusive offer, visit the CrabNebula Cloud website and follow the instructions. Our helpful documentation will guide you through your first steps in the product, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback and success stories. Please feel free to connect with us on Discord to share your experiences and ask any questions you may have.

Happy building!

Author: Tejas Kumar, Director of Developer Relations

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