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CPS Test
CPS Test

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Click Per Second Game Test

CPS and other short-term games bring you the best opportunity to test your skills in a short period of time. Your clicking speed can be checked in a short amount of time.
As your time runs, you can immediately see your score as the mouse clicks per second is measured.

Getting Your Desire Score in the CPS Test:

When you take the cpstest the higher the score, the more clicks you get per second. You must ensure that the mouse is properly connected before you begin playing the game. Gaming mice are better than regular mice.
As far as clicking techniques go, there are jitter clicks, butterfly clicks, drag clicks, etc. Get started practicing with these techniques to reach your target and beat your friends.

How to Play CPS Counter:

Check your CPS and see how fast you can play in just one second, but you have to get your target score in just one second. You can play CPS Counter as fast as you want by following the steps below:

1.The game starts when you click the grey box. Because the timeframe is concise, you will need to click as quickly as possible after your first click to start the game. Therefore, you must click at least three times every second.
2.You can see your score as soon as your time expires.
3.Don't be too disappointed if you score isn't much better since you can try again. Let's try the CPS again.

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