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I created KianKit so you don't have too

I create new projects. A lot. Whether those projects get finished is variable.

I find it fun to build new stuff. Though, rewriting stuff that I've written 10s of times previously is uninteresting, and boring. I often find it easy to procrastinate adding auth, sessions, database, etc.

Yet, I understand that it is necessary for my projects. So I created KianKit. KianKit is a free, open-source, SvelteKit & Supabase boilerplate that offers super fast development speeds while being hyper extensible.

KianKit provides you with all of the essentials:

  • auth
  • components
  • theming
  • icons
  • tailwindcss
  • Supabase

This allows you to fully develop apps/MVPs in a weekend.

My goal for KianKit is to iteratively update the boilerplate so the newest standards, and frequently add new stuff. Once I feel that it is at a stable place I will release v1 and move all development to a new branch. I will do this for every release. So that you can deploy on a finished boilerplate -- rather than an in progress one.

KianKit's starter page/ auth is hosted at

Thanks for reading. There is much more to come.

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