Using Next.js to Build SEO-Friendly React SPAs [Live Demo]

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Next.js Tutorial: SEO-Friendly React E-Commerce SPA

We’ve often promoted the use of single-page applications.

We’ll continue to do so because they’re great. I mean, they’re fast, they offer incredible UX, and are fun to develop.

However, we’ve also always been very aware of things to be cautious with when it comes to dealing with SPAs—crucial things, like search engine optimization (SEO).

It’s not to say that you can’t get great SEO results with SPAs, because you can. You simply need to handle it the right way, whether you’re working with Angular, Vue or React.

In this post, I’ll present Next.js, and how it can help you create SEO-friendly React SPAs.

All of this, in a few easy steps:

  • Creating a Next.js project
  • Generating components
  • Optimizing the Next.js app for SEO
    • Making it crawlable with prerendering
    • Creating a sitemap
    • Adding metadata
  • Hosting the SPA with Netlify

By the end of this tutorial, your project should be safe under the good grace of our Lord Almighty a.k.a. Google.

Let’s do this.

What is Next.js?

In a nutshell, Next.js is a lightweight framework for static and server-rendered React applications.


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