The Easiest Way to Get an E-Commerce Site Running in Umbraco

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The Easiest Way to Get an E-Commerce Site Running in Umbraco

Editors’ note: this is a guest post from the nice folks at uSkinned. The Snipcart-powered theme they’ve built is truly neat and one of the best integrations of our product we’ve seen. We’re offering 3 months of free Snipcart usage to all uSkinned customers who purchase the Merch theme! I’m passing the mic to Paul now.

I love Umbraco.

I’ve felt this way for a long time now.

I firmly believe that making it a more recognizable and popular content management system is a benefit for the dev community.

That’s why my partner Marc and I launched uSkinned four years ago. Since then, we’ve sold Umbraco themes to thousands of users across 77 countries.

However, it’s only lately that we’ve focused our attention on an important piece that we thought hadn’t been optimized yet with Umbraco: e-commerce.

But I won’t spoil with the solution we came up with just yet.

First, I want to quickly go through why I think Umbraco is so great and what it has to offer for e-commerce projects. It will help shed more light on the missing pieces that inspired our work.

Shall we?

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