Ruby on Rails E-Commerce in 2019! Demo Included

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Ruby on Rails E-Commerce in 2019! Demo Included

When it comes to certain things in life, I'm a purist. A snob, even. Now if you don't have time—or simply don't care—to learn why I'm a purist, feel free to skip to our Rails e-commerce tutorial! Otherwise, let me explain...

On the guitar, I avoid using a capo; when learning another language, I avoid Google Translate; when my best friend in the second grade brought a Game Genie for my Super Nintendo, I was forced into a tough realization: he could no longer be my best friend.

After all, if I'm going to learn something, I'm going to learn it right. No shortcuts, not for me.

Which is why I was so torn when taking a deeper dive into Ruby on Rails. At times, Rails feels like cheating… but it's also addictingly fun.

So today I'm going to put my purist biases aside to explore Ruby on Rails e-commerce. In this post, I'm going to briefly explain what Ruby on Rails is, look at why it's controversial, and finally explain the advantage of using Rails for e-commerce.

As an added bonus, I'm even going to show you exactly how you can build a Ruby on Rails e-commerce site using Refinery CMS

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