N00bs Takeover: Building JAMstack Sites with No Coding Skills

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JAMstack Templates: How to Launch Fast, CMS-Powered Static Sites

A month ago, looking at my calendar, I realized that 75% of Snipcart developers would be off on vacation on the same week in August.


After freaking out over our poor management skills, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity for us marketing n00bs to take over the technical blog.

So I challenged our marketers to create JAMstack sites and explain how they managed in a post.

This experiment also serves to prove the point that the JAMstack is becoming more accessible and is now a fun playing field for beginners & experts alike.

As for the real experts, they also wrote a ton of advanced JAMstack-related content on this blog. It’s all here.

Here are the projects we’ve come up with:

  • Franck’s personal blog (VuePress + Forestry)
  • Nathan’s e-commerce site for digital products (Jekyll + DatoCMS)
  • Math’s static blog imported from Medium (Gatsby + Netlify CMS)

Harder than we expected? Sure. Happy with the results? Absolutely.

Let’s dive into each of our individual use cases.

→ Read the full post here


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