Introduction to Vue Render Functions (w/ examples)

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Introduction to Vue Render Functions (w/ examples)

Lately, I’ve been reading Dr. Harari’s book “Sapiens.” If you haven’t read it yet, you should.

It’s killer.

Plus, it makes you appreciate our specie’s progress through the creative use of technology. And just like our ancestors' living 10,000 years ago, we’re constantly using new tools to advance and evolve (we’ve just come very far from sticks and stones). But the only way to make sure you’re using a tool as efficiently as possible is to first understand exactly how it works.

So, today, for us digital sapiens, I want to dive into Vue render functions so that you can have a better understanding of Vue.js as a whole.

More specifically, I’m going to:

  • Define Vue render functions
  • Show when render functions are useful
  • Demonstrate how to compile templates into render functions
  • Teach you how to create a component that allows you to override a template

And as you’ve probably come to expect, we’ll provide plenty of examples along the way :)

Let’s dive in!

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