Building a Vue.js SPA to Sell Developer Tees

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Creating a Vue.js SPA for E-commerce [Tutorial Included]
Stereotypes can be a funny thing.

Some are nice like Swedes are gorgeous; some are mean like Americans are fat and Italians are “passionate;” and some seem downright true like all Canadians are polite.

But if you travel enough, you know these are typically gross over-generalizations and, usually, are more divisive than anything else.

And that’s why I love coding so much. It’s way more open-minded. When I meet someone writing in PHP, they’re more than happy to listen about my Vue.js SPA project, for example. And I’m more than happy to listen to what they’re working on, so long as it isn’t a WordPress site (just kidding).

But, hopefully, you get my point. It’s this international inclusiveness among developers that inspired a friend and me to start Maison Futari.

In this post, I am going to:

  • Tell you what inspired Maison Futari
  • Discuss why I chose Vue.js to create it
  • Give a step-by-step Vue.js SPA tutorial
  • Share my experiences (good and bad) with using Snipcart as my shopping cart

Let's get started!

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