Blazing Fast JAMstack E-Commerce w/ Hugo, Forestry & Netlify

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Hugo Tutorial: How to Build & Host a (Very Fast) Static E-Commerce Site

Working in this field, I often have developer friends reach out to me with questions about e-commerce projects.

I was talking with one of them last week. He seemed a bit distressed:

“I have this client that is asking for the moon in terms of performance for his online store. I really don’t know how I can meet his expectations.”

I sat there and smiled back at him because I knew the answer to his problem right away.

Many factors will influence your choice of stack for e-commerce. But, when speed is the main one, look no further than Hugo.

This conversation inspired me to dig up our old Hugo e-commerce demo and to give it a fresh twist, so here I am.

Here’s what I’ll do in the tutorial below:

  • Create a Hugo website
  • Add e-commerce functionalities with Snipcart
  • Pair the static site to a CMS (Forestry)
  • Deploy on Netlify

First, let’s see what Hugo has been up to since our last visit.

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