E-Commerce for React Developers [w/ Next.js Shop Tutorial]

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A React E-Commerce Guide (BONUS: Next.js Shop Tutorial!)

The events of 2020 totally fast-tracked the omnipresence of e-commerce in our lives.

It’s changing the way we purchase goods and services that we use at a pace that would have been hard to imagine not so long ago.

From buying some swag from our favorite tech companies to fulfilling a prescription, the web needs tools to provide a dynamic experience where consumers can easily find what they’re looking for and just as easily make the purchase.

In this post, I’ll explore how one of these tools, React, can help developers create these high-quality e-commerce experiences.

I won’t simply tell you that React can deliver dynamic UX, I’ll also show you by crafting a Next.js shop in a step-by-step tutorial:

  • Creating a new app with Next.js
  • Adding products to the React app
  • Integrating a shopping cart
  • Defining products within Snipcart
  • Setting up a cart summary and cart preview

We all want to build e-commerce projects that stand out. Let’s see how React can help.

Building a dynamic e-commerce experience

The crux of a shopping experience is being able to provide dynamic information to your site’s customers. This includes both the product information of what you’re trying to sell as well as how that relates to the actual customer.

The dynamic bits of products in e-commerce

When dealing with products, specifically physical goods, you might have a limited amount of products to actually sell. This means your shopping experience needs to be able to maintain an up-to-date count of how many items are left “in stock”.

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