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(I think you should not stop it but ...)

If programming overflow your life it could become something bad (for physical and mental health). Sometimes you have to limit your time, here is the way I use:
I work on a side-project with fixed stack (Python, without any lib or ORM for example), divided by stories (SCRUM) in a TODO list. Before I start I decide to work on one or two stories. I turn on an timer for 2 hours and I start. I limit my learning with two barriers, time and work.

If I fail to do my work before the timer ends, I write my current work on paper and I finish it the next day. It's a good way to learn how to stop and start working: in my company we are always disturbed (meeting, fire alert, big bug with hight severity...).

I spend a lot of time in webdesign (CSS, choose the right icon or font) so I always do it near lunch: Hunger remember me to stop :)

Enjoy your learning.


That's really nice idea. Thank you


Great idea, the best advice I've ever had thank you :D

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