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LInQer for Typescript is here!

Costin Manda
Romanian .NET C# developer for 20 years+.
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A year or so ago I wrote a Javascript library that I then ported (badly) to Typescript and which was adding the sweet versatility and performance of LINQ to the *script world. Now I've rewritten the entire thing into a Typescript library. I've abandoned the separation into three different Javascript files. It is just one having everything you need.

I haven't tested it in the wild, but you can get the new version here:



Documentation online:

Using the library in the browser directly: and

Please give me all the feedback you can! I would really love to hear from people who use this in:

  • Typescript
  • Node.js
  • browser web sites

The main blog post URL for the project is still as the official URL for both libraries.

Have fun using it!

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