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How to build a secure crypto wallet

Cossack Labs security engineers are engaged in improving the security of several large public blockchain ecosystems and their hot non-custodial crypto wallets.

We gathered lots of observations about crypto wallets security: how they are different from the banking apps, what are the unique threats they face, and how novel crypto works with traditional crypto?

From security engineers—to software developers, we’re here to share this practical security development knowledge with you.

💡 From the defender’s point of view, the crypto wallet’s attack surface is enormous. But from the attacker’s point of view, it’s not so difficult to combine 3-4 flaws, especially if the crypto wallet’s code is open-sourced. So, let’s explore specific security flaws and their synergies.

Click on the picture below to get lots of examples and practical advice on the risks and threats of crypto wallets, design concerns, and implementation issues. ⇲

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