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Automated Software Security Testing for Devs

Learn about the current approaches and tools of software security testing that you and your team can set up and automate to make your apps more secure. 🔐

At Cossack Labs, we build data security and encryption software. Taking care of mitigating threat vectors for our customers, we can not give any chance for weaknesses in our software.

We test a lot. Each PR, each build, each release is being automatically tested to find security issues early on.

That's why, over the years, we have developed an arsenal of approaches to find and prevent defects early in the security software development process.

In this article, we share what to look at, how to spend effort and “shift security left”, and which tools to use.

As in August’22 we heavily updated the article, please find the new version in an engineering blog post on our website:

Introduction to automated security testing, by Cossack Labs

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