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How to build a feature flags service in a few minutes


This article is about how to build a feature flag tool & feature management service with an open-source feature management project FeatBit.


More and more teams and companies started to use feature flag tools and feature management services to reduce delivery risk, speed up feature release, and achieve BizDevOps.

There are some open-source feature flag tools, but none of them are 100% open-source. You must pay for functionalities like user segments, audit logs, change requests, IAM, etc.

Here I introduce a new open-source feature management project developed by .NET. It's not only open-source with more functionalities but also user-friendly.

Using the code

Let's start to build our self-hosted feature management.

[1] Go to the GitHub page

[2] Clone the repository to your server or local machine and boot up the services.

git clone
cd featbit
docker compose up -d
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[3] Wait until all containers have started.

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[4] Go to FeatBit's portal http://localhost:8081 with creadentials below to start your journey:

- username:
- password: 123456
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Until now, you've successfully built and hosted your feature management service.

FeatBit includes lots of services such as testing in production, progressive release, AB testing, etc.

To get started, you can check its GitHub page or go directly to its Documentation page.

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Points of Interest

It was a good experience. You built a feature management service in a few minutes.

You can check how they code the project by reading more documentation (e.g, Architecture)

You can also join the community to chat and exchange opinions with them.

If you find it useful, you can support it by giving it a Star.

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