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CES conference

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Home appliances

In terms of cleaning LG has developed something they call TrueSteam technology where they use steam to clean clothes and dishes.
LG has made a refrigerator that has a small glass window to see what you have inside. also a pretty cool part of it is that its a touchable screen so you just knock twice and it lights up.
The main thing with the fridge is to keep cold inside to make it more effective. by making it so that you don't have to open anything to look in the fridge it keeps cold in.
they have also made the ice maker smaller and make circular ice instead of cubed
they have created a washer and dryer that can tell the cycle you want by the feel of the fabric using AI that learns preferred settings and since the washer and dryer are together the two machine communicate to say what should be done for the clothes
The first home appliance release from Samsung is more focused on lifestyle and its a 4 door fridge that is meant to fit the style of your home. the fridge is meant to be more organized with specific sections


LG has also come out with a TV so thin it looks like a line from the side. they have also given the TV AI that is capable of making it so that letters and background images and things in different positions like that are processed differently
It auto switches volume so that you don't have to get up when you switch channels you don't have to figure out the correct volume
they also made it much easier to screen mirror from a phone to a TV and vice versa
there us now a game section in options for the TV based on game genre


LG has developed a vacuum that has no cords and has 5 part filtration system. it is supposed to take out most of the allergens and make a cleaner house
Samsung has developed a new vacuum that goes around on its own but the big selling point is the new AI. the new AI is able to detect any object that might be in the way of the vacuum so that it can go around it. they advertised it as being able to see small objects as well so that it doesn't get caught in cloth or some other thing you might've left

Air purifier

The first thing starting off from LG is new home appliances. First is the LG Puri air which is advertised to take out pollution and allergens from the air. It can be a small room, bug office, or hand held device.
One thing they have done is put the Puri air into a mask so you can wear it on the go.
the handheld one is for you to put it down anywhere you go. which is much better than what I thought (to just put it up to your mouth when you need it).


LG has made a hub to connect all of its devices onto one thing so that they can communicate. this means that if you own all of the LG products in one house you can have almost an entire smart house that learns your preferences
Samsung gave a little sneak peak into their facial recognition software by making the hosts face change the face of the Mona Lisa. I've seen software like this before but I feel this is one of the best ones. they have also developed object seeking AI for vacuums so that they don't bump into anything

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