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Pseudocode and JavaScript

Today is August 20th. I haven’t made a blog post since July 4th. Wait, what???! How in the world is it late August already??? Obviously I have been slacking on the blog posts, so this post is mostly to hold myself accountable and to make sure I post more often (that’s a lot of “post” in one sentence…. crap, did it again).

My recent studies have still been focused on JavaScript and trying to get more comfortable writing it. I had gone back to a JavaScript course that I was working through (my second “beginners” course) but was feeling guilty about not actually doing much coding. So I decided to work on a project.

@chrisdixon161 over on Twitter has put together some free JavaScript projects that I thought looked fun (you can find them at I went with the “Tip Calculator” project and really enjoyed the experience. I coded along with Chris’ video and felt pretty good about myself for “building” something (see my results here

JavaScript tip calculator
My tip calculator

About a week later I went back to my code to review and add some comments. As I was going through it was clear to me that I would be lost if I needed to replicate this project by myself with no help. More practice needed? Um, yeah.

This is where pseudocode comes into play for me. My plan is to go through the project and start by writing pseudocode and then go from there. In the hopes of holding myself accountable, I’m posting my intentions here. We all know if you read something on the internet then it must be true 😉. Update soon…… hopefully.

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