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Vue Js: My Most Valuable Resources

corvdev profile image Alex Corvin ・3 min read

Learning Vue has been an incredible adventure for me. I relish every opportunity I have to learn more about this wonderful javascript framework and especially take on new projects which test my skills and stretch my knowledge even further.

Whenever I see other devs tweeting about starting with Vue, I cannot help but be excited for them and want to share resources that have greatly helped me. I decided to share my list here to help other devs who are either starting out with Vue or are eager to learn more.

Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide

To start, I would be nowhere in Vue without the help of one of the best instructors out there, Maximilian Schwarzmüller. His Udemy Vue course is top-notch for anyone beginning their journey with Vue. Most videos in the course are short and packed with both information and enthusiasm which helps to motivate even more. The quizzes and projects are so much fun and really help to solidify what you've just learned. If you're interested in Vue, this course is a must have.

Vue JS 2 Tutorial by The Net Ninja

Another awesome instructor, Shaun Pelling, offers a wonderful introduction series into Vue on his YouTube channel. What I appreciate most about Shaun's instruction is that he's very concise and does an excellent job of breaking down concepts and providing clear explanation on not only what coding is needed, but why. Shaun also has a Vue course on Udemy which incorporates Firebase: Build Web Apps with Vue JS 2 & Firebase

Fullstack Vue

I'm on the fence about recommending a book here due to the release of Vue CLI 3 and the upcoming Vue 3, but there is a great deal of content here which provides a solid Vue foundation. From there, you can go to the official documentation to learn about recent Vue updates without any issue. The pdf version does offer free updates, so it may be worth keeping an eye on. The hardcover can be purchased on Amazon.

Vue Mastery

While I'm not sure this is the "ultimate" resource for learning Vue as it touts, there is a lot here to get you up and going with Vue and establishing a solid foundation. Vue Mastery offers tier based subscription options as well as live training and great conference talks and podcasts which are free to access.

Vue Handbook by Flavio Copes

For just signing up to receive his very informative newsletter, you get access to eight ebooks including the Vue Handbook. I still have not gone through the entire book, but what I have read has been extremely helpful and well written. Flavio makes such great contributions to the dev community and this book is no exception. Support him and his work. Follow him on Twitter. Read his tutorial articles. He's a great dev who offers a ton of helpful information.

Vue.js Official Documentation

Finally, you can't go wrong by going straight to the source. Being someone who has rarely looked at an instruction manual, I can tell you not doing so in your development path will only hinder you. The documentation is extremely well put together and I have found it a pleasure to read. You'll also find links to job listings, and the Vue dev community is just awesome to be a part of.

I do also want to advise one thing to close. Before diving into Vue, or any other framework, it will make the journey a whole lot easier if you have a strong grasp of some core JavaScript concepts. Brad Traversy, another great instructor, did an excellent job covering this in his video Before Learning a JavaScript Framework....

Vue Js is a beautiful framework and such fun to work with. I hope you all find as much joy in it as I have. Happy coding!


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lpellis profile image
Loftie Ellis

Great list!
For a huge list of vue related stuff there is also github.com/vuejs/awesome-vue

corvdev profile image
Alex Corvin Author

I will credit you in my memoir for igniting my sleep deprivation. :D Thank you, Loftie! I will definitely dive into this.

romanpaprotsky profile image
Roman Paprotsky

Made with Vue.js

VueJS Best Practices Guide

Vue Patterns

12 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Vue Projects

corvdev profile image
Alex Corvin Author

These are wonderful contributions. Thank you, Roman! It appears I will have to publish a new list soon. :-)

steelvoltage profile image
Brian Barbour

I'm literally just starting out with Vue after coming from doing mostly React. So this was well received!

One of the hard parts is I didn't know what videos/courses were still relevant. I found the Net Ninja ones, but they were from a few years ago. I know some resources from React from a few years ago are kinda outdated, but wasn't sure how much Vue has evolved since then.

So far my impression of Vue is that it's... easier than React.

corvdev profile image
Alex Corvin Author

There have been some updates since Shaun's videos were released, but you should still be able to follow along with them. You can view all of the changelogs here which may also help github.com/vuejs/vue/releases.

Vue certainly has an easier learning curve than React. While I do enjoy React, I've personally found Vue more intuitive and I've been much more comfortable and confident in both learning and developing with it. I hope you have a lot of fun and enjoy it.

therealkevinard profile image
Kevin Ard

Altogether, a great list! Specifically, I'm happy to see Flavio here. He's one of the few letters I actually look forward to.

Idk why, but his way... Works for me. I've learned a lot from that guy.

Also from him: check out the node.js handbook (~190p pdf). Great read.

corvdev profile image
Alex Corvin Author

Thank you, Kevin! Yes, I've felt Flavio deserves a lot more recognition because his content and contributions are just excellent. I look forward to his newsletters too. Also, I completely agree, his Node handbook is really great.

redhedded1 profile image
Larry A. Ball

Great article. I can't seem to get enough of Vue. Thanks for adding to my list, I wondered about Vue Mastery, if it was good. Happy coding!

corvdev profile image
Alex Corvin Author

Thanks, Larry! Yes, Vue Mastery is great and it left me wanting more. I did repeat a few of the lessons because I enjoyed the content so much and found it very easy to follow and comprehend. Hope you like it!

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Alex Corvin Author

You're welcome, Peter. I hope these resources will be of great use to you.