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Does everything have a price?

Hello readers. Lately, I think that everything has a price.
Prove me otherwise.

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Ben Halpern

Can you elaborate on the question here?

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Corners to wall

There are things such as morals, people's loyalty and trust, or the environment, are not for sale or cannot be bought. People also value experiences, relationships, and moments, which are priceless. Also, things such as love and compassion, cannot be put into dollar amounts, as they are invaluable.

But I have a question. What is the price of this so that you can simulate it?

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Time? If OP is considering price as some amount that is used/exchanged in return of something, then I would assume time could the price.

Not that time as price is a negative thing, most of the examples you provided I would gladly "expend" my time on it.

But again I might be deviating from what OP was questioning.