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Discussion on: Seriously Jenkins^H^H^H^H I Already Used That

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Corey O'Connor

Ahh Jenkins. Jenkins is jank ;)

Arguably unique in it's generic applicability: Given a large number of operations problems I can usually cobble together a Jenkin's solution that works. However, definitely has some odd behavior!

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Thomas H Jones II Author

Yeah, it's eminently flexible. It's just the gymnastics I have to engage in between Jenkins built-in peculiarities, the crappiness of the various plugins' (pipeline-related) documentation and the fact that my customers' (Jenkins) service-owners can't seem to figure out how to keep their service-domains' capabilities synchronized (or up to date), makes dealing with it really old.

In general, I tend to prefer to deliver automation via other methods. However, a couple of my customers demand Jenkins pipelines so that they can hire "minimum wage" technicians – who have just enough knowledge to fill in web-forms – rather than more-capable people. Given that I'm generally delivering Jenkins pipelines that simply act as overlays for other abstractions that have their own web UI, I'm not sure what trading one web UI for another buys them.