When are you most likely to be active on Dev.to?

Corey Alexander on June 04, 2019

When are you most likely to be active on Dev.to?

Work hours? Nights? Weekends?

Me I'm most likely to be lurking here on nights and weekends. I'm definitely a night owl, so chances are good you won't find me here in the morning lol

What about you? When are you most of dev.to?

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This is my 5,634th comment. So my answer is yes.


It changes the answer a bit when dev.to is your day job I imagine! 😉


Weekdays in the morning before starting to work :3


Ohh that early morning life!

I'm the kind to roll out of bed and onto the subway in the morning lol, not too much time for deving then!


My first 5 min of waking up is like that, I have to start cleaning something to wake myself up, after I get to work I normally have a little time left before starting, so I read stuff here :D

I have to start cleaning something to wake myself up

SAME. I intentionally leave dishes from the night before so I can reset my entire kitchen as part of my morning routine 😅


I tend to trawl the site when taking a mental break from work, so most often I pop on weekday mornings and afternoons (approx 12:00-19:00 UTC).


I do love dev for those mid day breaks too! Gotta watch myself so much don't dive into a rabbit hole and forget what I was supposed to be working on tho 😅


Between Dev.to, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube ('tis the season for fresh tornado videos after all); then mix in a few office interruptions to disturb "flow"; and it can be bloody hard to crawl back out of that rabbit hole some days! :)

Open office spaces don't help that either! It can be a struggle for sure!


Usually when I'm starting work or at lunchtime (UTC).


I tend to have a quick browse before starting work. But write the most blog material in the evenings :) (I realise I have no posts at the moment, but I'm working on a couple!)


Good luck on your first posts! Excited to see what you are working on!

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