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ShowDev: My new `vim` plugin for adding devicons to `fzf`

Hey! I haven't posted in awhile so it feels good to be back. This is gonna be a quicker post cause I might do a fuller blog post soon.

But I wanted to introduce my new (and first) vim plugin called fzf.devicon.vim!
For anyone who uses fzf.vim this plugin will be really familiar! Basically it acts as a clone of fzf.vim but it adds in devicons depending on the files types for each line!
It supports streaming results and should be fast enough to even the pickiest fzf user!

For anyone who isn't familair with fzf.vim it integrates the awesome fuzzy finding power of fzf into vim. I'm a huge fan of fzf in general and use it anywhere I can! Another thing I started liking recently is having the icons for each file type throughout vim, and for awhile fzf was my last hold-out with devicons. I had a hacked together solution in my vimrc for ahwile but finally got a full plugin extracted!

Here is a quick demo gif and you can checkout the github repo below!

Demo GIF


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