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Good post, and welcome to the world of vim!

I think it's interesting you found Runymines go to definition stuff a bit lacking for Ruby, since I think they do a better job than most other tools with Ruby. And actually this was one of the only things I missed from Rubymine when I switched to vim.
I've got it all setup now with ctags and the like, but I still feel like I'm a but behind what Rubymine was providing.

Do you have kind of jump to definition setup in Vim, or are you enjoying the minimalist approach of not having it?


'tpope/vim-rails' works well for me as far as I place folders by convention. My impression from Rubymine may be somehow outdated because I was working with it in 2017 and last two years passed in Vim and Spacemacs, so I might have missed vital improvements.

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