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I want to use a tool something like pet, but there are a few things about pet specifically that I didn't love and therefor never spent a ton of time getting setup.
It's been a bit since I really got into it, but I believe the few things I didn't love were the fact that gists were the default syncing strategy, and their search was as 'fuzzy' as I would have liked. But I think pet might be an amazing tool for others, just didn't fit my workflow perfectly.

What I actually use is nvalt and have different notes for different 'topics' with different snippets in them. For instance I have a bash note with various different bash snippets I might want.
The reason I don't love this is my snippets are intermingled with other more prose style notes, and I would like to seperate the two. But this works for now until I find the right tool to replace it with!

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