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What was your before and after loading times for the Peacock extension? Curious to see how big the savings here are!

I was under the impression that one reason we (collectively) try to bundle JS assets is to not have to deal with downloading multiple large files over HTTP,but the extension files should be already downloaded locally,so I wonder what the benefit of using Webpack here is 🤔


Good questions!

Webpack reduces the size to just the code we use and makes some other optimizations. So in this case, that is helping. I've asked the VS Code team to clarify whether the number of files has an impact or not.

Ph - and Peacock was anywhere from 8ms to 16ms to activate before, and 6ms to 14ms after. (I tried it 5 times each, with totally unscientific measuring)


Ahh yes I was forgetting about tree shaking and the like!

I'm interested in if the number of files makes a significant difference as well! Thanks for the response!

I was told yes, the number of files will also affect load time.

BTW - I updated the post with some more stats that are pretty impressive. Thanks to the VS Code
team for sharing these and giving me permission to share with you all!

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