Android dev.to app always offline

Corey Alexander on June 21, 2019

Is anyone else having issues with the dev.to Android app? I run the Android Betas and for the last I think 2ish days the dev.to Android app hasn't... [Read Full]
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I downloaded the app but honestly I enjoy the experience from just saving the mobile site to my home screen and using it as a progressive web app. Can't say I've had the offline issue though either way.


The PWA works very well. That's what I do for storage space. Instagram is good too


Ya that's what I did before the app came out, maybe that's what I'll back to.

Thanks for the input!


Yeah this is a known issue, we haven’t gotten to the bottom of it. If anyone wants to check out the service worker file in our repo we’d love some input 😭


Gotcha, at least it's a known issue!

I wasn't see this until a few days ago so maybe I'll take a gander at the source this weekend if I have some time!


Yes, I was facing this too. To fix, just clear the app storage and open it again.

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