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Grants to Build on Coreum: WASM Smart Contract

To incentivize the growth of the ecosystem, the Sologenic Development Foundation is deploying a grant program to fund and accelerate the construction of a sustainable and community-owned blockchain.

Using the well-established Tendermint Consensus Engine and Cosmos SDK, Coreum brings a low-latency proof-of-stake blockchain.

This is a call for all development teams and companies passionate about the Coreum protocol and network.

Apply here: Coreum Grants Program
Learn More: Yahoo


  • A successful track record with at least 1-2 projects (It is not necessary for them to be live)
  • Strong development knowledge and experience in the blockchain field
  • Having an existing community base behind the team is a plus

Wave 1 Project Focus:

  • CORE Wallet: Mobile, Web, and Hardware Firmware
  • DeFi Protocols: Automatic Market Makers, Lending and Borrowing d'Apps, Yield Farming d'Apps
  • Adding Coreum or CORE support to a project
  • Opening Pool Requests for other projects to support the Coreum network.

📅 Application deadline: July 15th.

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