Discussion on: What CS concepts should self-taught and bootcamp devs learn?

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Corentin Bettiol

Here's my journey so far:
1) Boolean algebra
2) Karnaugh Map
3) Algorithmics
4) Boolean circuits (using logisim)
5) Forma grammar

And then:
6) C basics (loops, functions, arguments)
7) Assembly basics (x86)
8) OOP (Java, Python)
9) Web basics (xhtml then html5, css3)
10) PHP 5/7 (OOP, bit of apache, dynamic web)
11) Javascript basics (ES6/ES7)
12) Python 3 (OOP, flask's microframework, Django, ...)

I like this CS learning approach because I kinda understand how a computer is working down to the logical gates in the processor (I created a small processor that can solve additions, divisions, multiplications and subtractions in logisim) and it was really great to complete the puzzle of "how a computer works" by adding new pieces as I learned.