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Which Windows Version Supports Passkeys?

As developers and product managers dive deeper into Windows passkey capabilities, the level of fragmentation across Windows versions becomes increasingly evident. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of passkey support across different Windows iterations to shed light on this intricate topic.

Windows Versions: Passkey Features Breakdown

Differences in passkey features across various Windows versions can be baffling. Here's a concise comparison:

Windows Version Passkey Support

Find the latest and updated Windows support table here

Synced Passkey Support: The Buzz Around Windows 10

Rumors are circulating about Windows 10 potentially supporting synced passkeys in the near future. This could be a game-changer, fostering widespread user adoption and intensifying the demand for this feature. Industry insiders believe that integrating the synced passkey functionality into Windows 10 should be relatively seamless. Hence, there's a possibility that, before Windows 10 reaches its end of life in October 2025, it might receive enhanced passkey management and Conditional UI features.

Eager Anticipation for Synced Passkeys in Windows Hello

The tech community is eagerly awaiting the introduction of passkey synchronization via Windows Hello. Such an update would revolutionize passkey management, connecting local passkeys in Windows with the cloud and offering a genuine cross-device experience similar to Apple's iCloud Keychain and Google's Password Manager. However, there's no official word from Microsoft about when this might come to fruition.


Understanding passkey support across Windows versions can be daunting, but with the right information, it's manageable. As this domain continues to evolve, staying informed becomes vital.
Stay ahead of Windows passkey support updates here.

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