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32 Best Passkey Libraries

The adoption of passkeys, a secure and password-free authentication method for web and native applications, is growing as companies seek to provide users with fast, easy, and secure access to their web applications. This article aims to provide a systematic overview of the best passkey SDKs or libraries for each programming language / framework that we found, enabling you to find the right SDK / library to implement passkey login with your favorite programming language / framework.

1. C Passkey SDKs or libraries

2. Golang Passkey SDKs or libraries

  • Go WebAuthn Library – A Go-based library for Web Authentication, aiming for passwordless user solutions. It provides guidance on migration and usage while highlighting its developmental status and requirements.
  • Go Library for WebAuthn Registration and Verification – A Go-based server-side library for WebAuthn, facilitating user registration and verification. Instructions for installation and usage provided.
  • Go wrapper for libfido2 – A Go library serving as a wrapper for libfido2, enabling WebAuthn-related functionality, including device interaction, credential creation, and assertion. Dependencies and usage examples are provided.
  • Go Library for WebAuthn / FIDO2 Relying Party – A Go library implementing the WebAuthn / FIDO2 specification for registration, attestation, authentication, and assertion with code examples.

3. Java Passkey SDKs or libraries

  • WebAuthn Server Library Documentation for Java – A server-side Web Authentication (WebAuthn) library for Java, detailing its build status, features, dependency configurations, and instructions. The library provides Relying Party operations to support WebAuthn, including important vulnerability disclosures and mitigation.
  • WebAuthn4J Library – A Java library, WebAuthn4J, supports WebAuthn and Apple App Attest server-side verification, ensuring conformance to FIDO Alliance's tests and offering broad attestation statement format support; it's Kotlin-compatible and used by notable projects.

4. Node.js Passkey SDKs or libraries

5. PHP Passkey SDKs or libraries

  • WebAuthn Integration Framework – An overview of the WebAuthn Framework, a toolset offering PHP libraries and Symfony bundle for integrating strong public key-based user authentication into web applications.
  • WebAuthn Relying Party server library for PHP – An overview of the WebAuthn PHP library's current development, goals, installation, and usage instructions for implementing WebAuthn relying party server functionalities.
  • A simple PHP WebAuthn (FIDO2) server library – A comprehensive guide to a PHP WebAuthn server library detailing its goals, workflow, attestation methods, and features, including client-side discoverable credentials, passkeys, and browser compatibility.
  • Web Authentication Library for PHP – An instructional manual on the WebAuthn authentication protocol for PHP, emphasizing cryptography over passwords and offering a crash course for library integration with sample code details.
  • Laragear WebAuthn Implementation Guide – A detailed guide on integrating the Laragear WebAuthn package into Laravel projects for enhanced authentication using passkeys like fingerprints and biometric data, complete with setup and scripting.
  • Laravel WebAuthn Integration Guide – A comprehensive guide for integrating Webauthn into Laravel projects, enabling two-factor and passwordless authentication with detailed setup and middleware implementation.
  • Simple package to implement the WebAuthn API standard inside your PHP projects – A PHP package providing tools to integrate the Webauthn API standard, complete with installation instructions and testing capabilities.
  • Corbado PHP SDK for Passkey-First Authentication – PHP SDK enabling seamless integration of Corbado's Backend API into PHP applications and providing services like session management and passkey-first authentication.

6. Python Passkey SDKs or libraries

  • py_webauthn Library – A Python3 library for the server-side WebAuthn API. It supports all FIDO2-compliant authenticators and provides core methods, helper functions, and Pydantic-powered data structures for easy WebAuthn implementation.
  • python-fido2 Library – A library facilitating FIDO device communication over USB, supporting FIDO U2F and FIDO 2 protocols, including CTAP 1 and 2. It offers high-level operations for WebAuthn, references, licensing, and compatibility details.
  • PyWARP: Python Web Authentication Relying Party library – A Python library implementing the W3C WebAuthn Relying Party component, enhancing authentication security using devices like YubiKey and Touch ID, while offering protections against various attacks.

7. Ruby Passkey SDKs or libraries

  • Introduction to webauthn-ruby Library – A Ruby-based server library that transforms a Ruby/Rails web server into a WebAuthn Relying Party, managing public key credentials' operations.
  • Devise::Passkeys Extension Overview – A Devise extension for Ruby on Rails applications enabling user authentication via passkeys rather than traditional passwords.
  • Warden::WebAuthn Strategy Overview – A Warden strategy with helper methods for webauthn-ruby, facilitating WebAuthn authentication and integration with the Devise extension.
  • WebAuthn Ruby Library Overview – A Ruby library for the W3C Web Authentication API, offering installation and usage guidance for integrating WebAuthn / FIDO 2.0 Relying Party functionality.

8. Rust Passkey SDKs or libraries

9. Swift Passkey SDKs or libraries

10. .NET Passkey SDKs or libraries

  • FIDO2 .NET Library (WebAuthn) – A .NET library and demo for implementing FIDO2 and WebAuthn, enabling passwordless authentication and strong security measures with code examples. ‍

If you want to implement passkeys in less than an hour, you can check Corbado's SDKs for various programming languages and frameworks in the docs or try the passkey solution for free.

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