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Passkey Conditional UI @ User Registration

Introduction: The Future of User Sign-ups

Today, “ease of access” is crucial when it comes to user authentication. Passkeys, leading this revolution, offer a seamless, passwordless, and potentially usernameless experience. However, while passkeys have streamlined logins via Conditional UI / Conditional Mediation / Passkey Autofill, sign-up processes lag behind, still requiring user handles (e.g. email addresses, phone numbers or usernames) and manual clicks. This article explores the potential of Conditional UI to transform sign-up processes akin to its impact on logins.

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Conditional UI in Logins: A Precursor to Change

Conditional UI, a key passkey feature, has significantly simplified logins by eliminating unnecessary steps. The application of this technology to sign-ups could offer similar benefits:

  • Maximum User Convenience: Integrates passkeys into the registration process, simplifying logins.
  • Consistent Sign-up Screens: Streamlines authentication methods in the same interface.
  • Enhanced Security: Encourages stronger credentials through passkeys. However, challenges like user confusion, UI complexity, and the perceived lack of necessity for Conditional UI in sign-ups are notable.

The WebAuthn Conditional Registration Extension

Recent developments in the passkey worlde have sparked discussion about introducing Conditional UIs into registration processes. In theorey, there exist multiple possible scenarios how this can materialize:

  • Authenticated Users Creating New Passkeys: Users can create a passkey through an interactive interface post-login.
  • Non-Authenticated Users and Passkey Creation: Involves a more nuanced approach, requiring legacy authentication followed by passkey binding. This is also the approach that is suggested as the WebAuthn Conditional UI Registration Extension.
  • New Users Signing Up via Passkey: Simplifies the sign-up process considerably, creating accounts behind the scenes after biometric authentication.

Each scenario has its pros and cons, such as enhancing privacy, promoting user-friendly experiences, and technical challenges.

Architectural Considerations

Implementing Conditional UI in sign-ups requires careful design:

  • Split API Calls: Separate processes for login and sign-up. Handling Page Reloads: Ensure the registration process remains intact even with navigation changes.
  • Dynamic Data Callbacks: Provide user information dynamically during registration.
  • User Interaction Flow: Design the flow to avoid confusion or interruptions.

What Lies Ahead

The advancement of passkeys and Conditional UI poses challenges but also opportunities for widespread adoption. These developments are not just possibilities but inevitable shifts in the landscape of digital authentication. To grasp the full extent of these developments and their implications, visit Corbado’s blog for detailed insights and discussions.

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