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OnlyFans Passkey Implementation Analyzed

OnlyFans' Unique Blend: Passwords Meet Passkeys

Despite leaning into modern authentication methods, OnlyFans retains traditional passwords for sign-up. This hybrid approach signifies that while the platform acknowledges the shift towards passkeys, it hasn't entirely discarded conventional methods.

Key Technical Aspects of OnlyFans' Passkey Integration

  • Setup & Personalization: Users can effortlessly set up passkeys via account settings. The platform permits the creation and labeling of unique passkeys, adding a touch of personalization to the experience.
  • Device Constraints: Currently, users can't assign multiple passkeys to a single device. Furthermore, if a passkey exists for a device, attempts to scan biometrics (e.g., Face ID or Touch ID) are futile - highlighting a potential area for optimization.
  • Terminology Choice: Interestingly, OnlyFans refrains from using the term "passkeys," choosing "Passwordless sign in" instead. This seems like a deliberate move to communicate effectively with a possibly passkey-unacquainted audience.
  • Platform Versatility: The newly introduced feature is commendably adaptable, functioning seamlessly across iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.
  • UX Challenges: A hiccup surfaces when users attempt a passkey-based login with email addresses. Since passkey logins only require a username, OnlyFans decided to use their internal username as passkey identifier. This diverges from the familiar email/password-based authentication pattern, where the email is the identifier.
  • Passkey Management Nuances: Passkeys are displayed under the name "devices", which could confuse users, especially when they sync passkeys across devices through platforms like iCloud Keychain or modern password managers (like 1Password or Dashlane).
  • Scope for Enhancement: The platform could benefit from implementing Conditional UI ("passkey autofill") to boost user experience.

Strategic Implications of Passkeys on OnlyFans

OnlyFans' foray into passkeys appears strategically sound. A significant chunk of their user base accesses content via mobile, devices inherently designed for passkeys. Given that the OnlyFans is web-app-based (excluding the content-limited OFTV native app), the frequency of logins can be high. Incorporating passkeys aims to streamline this process, potentially heightening user engagement and, by extension, revenue generation.

In Closing: Extracting Lessons from OnlyFans' Authentication Journey
Blending modern authentication with traditional familiarity can be daunting. However, OnlyFans' recent overhaul provides actionable insights for developers and product managers. Click here to learn more about passkeys at OnlyFans.

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