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KeePass Passkeys: Analysis of KeePassXC Passkeys

Introduction to KeePassXC’s Passkey Advancement

KeePassXC, a prominent figure in password management, has recently integrated passkey support in its release branch, marking a significant advancement in user authentication​​.

Known for its compatibility across various platforms, KeePassXC now extends this with comprehensive passkey support. Its features, including consistent database transfer across macOS, Linux, and Windows, reflect its commitment to continuous development​​.

Testing KeePassXC Passkeys: A Practical Overview

Our practical test on, using KeePassXC’s snapshot build, highlighted its efficient passkey signup and login functionalities. We also focused on its cross-device synchronization capability​​.

Key Features of KeePassXC Passkeys

Notable features include:

  • A seamless passkey fallback mechanism.
  • Cross-platform support and syncing, facilitated by cloud storage like Microsoft OneDrive.
  • A modal timer indicating the passkey modal’s availability​​.

Areas for Enhancement in KeePassXC Passkeys

While KeePassXC has shown nice passkey capabilities, some areas need improvement:

  • KeePassXC currently lacks a Conditional UI for a more seamless login experience.
  • The absence of attestation could cause inferior user experience and challenges with the confirmation of a passkey’s authenticity.
  • Handling pre-existing passkeys in different ecosystems needs refinement​​.

KeePassXC’s User Interface for Passkey Management

Managing passkeys in KeePassXC is straightforward, with all stored passkeys accessible under “Database” > “Passkeys.” Its browser extension also introduces a new section dedicated to passkeys​​.

Conclusion: KeePassXC’s Promising Evolution in Passkey Integration

KeePassXC’s journey towards full passkey support is marked by its strengths in cross-platform synchronization and innovative fallback options. However, enhancements in areas like Conditional UI and attestation are needed for a more seamless user experience​​.

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Tom Joy

The absence of attestation could cause inferior user experience and challenges with the confirmation of a passkey’s authenticity.

Attestation of what specifically?

vdelitz profile image
vdelitz • Edited

The attestation of the authenticator (the device which creates the passkey). In this case, the "device" is the password manager, so KeePassXC. This means that it's not detectable that a passkey was created and stored in KeePassXC, see also here