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Bitwarden Developer Survey 2024: Devs Love Passkeys

In the Bitwarden Developer Survey 2024, 600 developers cast their votes on a range of topics, but of particular interest is the deep dive into passkeys. Let's unravel the insights into the evolving landscape of passkey integration and what it means for developers.

A Glimpse into the Passkey Landscape

A favorable outlook on passkeys shines through, with 88% of developers praising passkey and passwordless features. Their usage is already widespread: 68% use them for work apps and 60% for personal apps. Yet, despite the rise of FIDO2 and passkeys, only a third believe these technologies will wholly replace passwords.

Unraveling Passkey Usage Trends 

In a short span, passkeys have seen a rapid adoption rate. Big tech initiatives and the FIDO alliance's efforts have ensured that a meager 3% of developers remain in the dark about passkeys. With the continued push towards enhancing user experiences with passkeys, particularly in mobile app access, the upward trajectory is anticipated to sharpen.

Passkey Integration Dynamics

  • 83% of developers are proactively weaving passkey features into their digital fabric.
  • 41% have unveiled plans for future integration.
  • A cautious 37% are still contemplating the shift, although market demands may soon catalyze their transition.

Reassessing the Role of Passwords 

While a certain segment of developers envisions passkeys reigning supreme, for now, a hybrid model of authentication prevails. Many new platforms may leapfrog to a 100% passwordless environment from their inception.

Challenges in the Passkey Realm

  1. System Compatibility (25%): How to integrate with existing systems is a core challenge
  2. Updating Legacy Systems (23%): Transitioning from passwords from legacy system to passkeys is another challenge.
  3. Security Concerns (20%): Ensuring secure implementation to avoid vulnerabilities remains paramount.
  4. User Education (17%): The shift from the familiar world of passwords to passkeys necessitates user education.
  5. Cost Implications (15%): Established businesses might grapple with cost concerns of passkey introduction.

Opting for Passkey API Providers

A majority of developers (77%) see the merit in leveraging an external API provider for passkey authentication. In contrast, only a fraction (4%) would opt to go entirely in-house, signaling a strong role for platforms like Corbado in this domain.

Additional Nuggets of Wisdom

The 2FA Boost: With 41% developers earmarking 2FA enhancements, the inherent 2FA nature of passkeys offers an attractive solution.
Passwordless Promise: About 36% underscore the immense potential in enhancing user experiences without compromising on security.

Final Remarks 

The tech industry's front-liners, developers, exhibit a penchant for innovations that strike a balance between security and user-friendliness. The trajectory of passkeys showcases this trend in action. As they continue to evolve, they're set to sculpt the future of digital authentication.
For a deeper dive into the full spectrum of insights from the Bitwarden Developer Survey 2024, especially the nitty-gritty of passkey adoption, you're invited to explore the passkey analysis here.

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