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Discussion on: Code newbie CSS art

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🧸 🏳️‍🌈 cooper-codes 💻 🎮 • Edited on

Hi Monet,

Fantastic article, congrats on the great work!

If I can make a suggestion, as someone who has gone down this path (very) recently.

I see you are using PX and while this is fine it will cause scalability issues, check this out from the CSS lord Jhey Tompkins, it shows you how to set up and build CSS Art that scales via percentages (and they are only a few 10 min clips).

Great work and I cant wait to see more art in the future.

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Monet C Author

Thanks so much for the feedback! I was actually looking into how to make my CSS art more scalable so thank you so much for the resource. Definitely will check it out.