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A quick guide to launching your IDO


IDO is the most promising fundraising option in the crypto space, which takes place in the decentralized exchange (DEX). when the IDO is Decentralized in nature it brings a lot more benefits compared to other fundraising options, like IDO Doesn’t need any permission to start the fundraising. It just needs to meet the launchpad requirements to launch your IDO. Because of these benefits, IDO has been trusted by most business people compared to any other fundraising options like ICOs, IEOs, and STOs. In this blog, let's take a look at how to launch your IDO to start fundraising in the crypto space.

Steps to launch an IDO

These are the proven steps to launch the IDO token,

Deriving a business strategy
Building the perfect strategy to launch your IDO would make a lot more sense. because the strategy will address all the problems, funds allocation, and challenges to launching your IDO and aim to resolve all the problems and overcome the challenges to make an IDO successful.

Choose the target audience.
The most basic marketing strategy is to launch your website and white paper. A well-branded and visually appealing website will gain investors' confidence to invest in your IDO, which also makes you more professional.

This is where most projects struggle to establish a brand image, especially if they lack a website.

A great white paper, in contrast, enhances investors' experience with specificity and facts. The purpose of the white paper is to give the investors a complete understanding of your project and the purpose of your project. This is the most important step while launching an IDO because the perfect white paper will give the investors more confidence to invest in your IDO.

Choose the blockchain network.
Most of the blockchain networks support IDO fundraising, choosing the perfect network that suits your project will make your IDO efficient, and after selecting the blockchain network, the development process takes place over the specific blockchain network.

IDO token development
After picking the blockchain network, the smart contract for the IDO token is built and goes through extensive testing by the quality assurance team before deployment because the smart contract determines the major operation of the IDO. After the smart contract is done, the IDO token is built for minting and trading, becoming the project’s native token and forms the token economy. After all the development process is completed the final testing takes place to eliminate all the bugs from the IDO the Project is ready to list.

IDO host selection
The IDO host is nothing but the launchpad to launch your IDO. Every IDO launchpad has its specific requirements to launch your IDO, If your IDO project meets every requirement of the launchpad then your IDO can be listed in the platform.

Some of the famous IDO launchpads are FireStarter, DAO Maker, TrustPad, BSCPad, and Bounce.

Launch your IDO token to raise funds
After checking all the checkboxes, your IDO is ready to launch and start fundraising for your projects.

Some projects may also incentivize investors to provide liquidity. Doing so can help the project to gain and sustain momentum. On the other side, by providing liquidity, users can earn even more tokens.

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