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Alexandru Bucur
Alexandru Bucur

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Why developers should be "lazy"

Looking back to all the years I've been developing and all the developers I worked with, the best developers were always the "lazy" ones.

What do you mean by "lazy" you might ask, or why do I think that "lazy" developers are great?

It's rather simple:

  1. A "lazy" developer is going to write less code to get the job done. Since he wants to have things working, not tinker with overcomplicated abstractions or feel the need ro fill lines of code to justify work.
  2. A "lazy" developer is going to have more readable code. Since he knows that 80% of the time you're reading code, not writing it.
  3. A "lazy" developer doesn't want to do support or extra work. So that's why he's extra careful in testing and writing tests so he can have minimal downtime.

That's pretty much it :)

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